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Hair Smoothing

Why It's Hot

Take the hair-healthy approach to controlling unwanted volume, wavy, or frizzy hair for up to 12 weeks, without permanently damaging hair. amino fusion Smoothing Treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free. Based on the synergy of amino acids bio-compatible with the hair fiber, one treatment will provide exceptional manageability, shine, and control. The "ultimate smooth" for all types of hair.

Here are some remarkable before, during and after photos taken in our salon:

In Salon Treatment

Before After  
Now look at the whole series of 8 photos
to see the steps in the process.
#1 #2  
Hair has been shampooed at home
and allowed to air dry naturally

Follow Up at Home

#3 #4  
After first step, hair is allowed to rest for 15 minutes  

Why It's Hot

All it takes is one pass to transform wavy or curly hair into smooth and sleek fashion. Infused with HSC® and CFC™ technologies one pass safely smoothes and temporarily straightens hair without harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. Speed-up styling time and reduce mechanical friction from irons and brushes. one pass has a moisture barrier that will resist reversion while protecting and repairing the hair.

#5 #6

After resting, hair has been trimmed,
shampooed with Smooth Balance shampoo, conditioned with Smooth Balance Conditioner, blow dried and styled

This is all completed in one visit, and you take home the remaining Smooth Balance shampoo and conditioner