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Locks of Love
A Gift of Caring

Eight year old Piper learned about Locks of Love from friends.

She and her mother researched the program on the Internet. The recipients of these hair donations suffer from autoimmune diseases, cancer, or they are victims of trauma such as burns.

When Piper she heard about the kids that Locks of Love helps she was very excited to participate. She said, "I just wanted to make one tiny part of their lives happier."

Even after deciding to participate with her “locks” donation, it took a while for Piper to really be ready for such a big change. One day she just said, "Mom, make the appointment for tomorrow. I'm ready!"

Before Donation locks are marked

She was excited about her appointment, but nervous too because you “can’t put the hair back on if you change your mind.”

The first cut was the hardest because it felt strange to her, but then she was interested to touch the cut ends of the hair.


No turning back now! The first 2 of 6 donation locks

That was cool enough to distract her until she had the fun of seeing her new style take shape. She has been really happy with the cut and can't believe how straight her hair is!

Wow, giving is better than receiving,
look at that grin

The new "sophisticated' Piper look


Thank you Piper for your generosity and for letting us share your story. We’re sure it will help other girls make the same decision.